City of San Antonio/NISD 2022 Bond Propositions. 

(applies to pretty much any bond, anywhere)

Vote NO:

Huge debt increase. The current debt obligations for the city are almost 3 Billion dollars [$2.8B]. How much will this add [principal + 5% interest = 2.7B ].
Current debt obligations for NISD are $3.4B, the bond is another 1.7B]
Leaving a legacy of debt for the future is not a positive impact.

Increases the tax burden. “No Tax Rate Increase” is not legally binding. The city ordinance authorizes a tax increase to the legal limit. The NISD order authorizes a tax “without limit as to rate or amount”.
“No tax rate increase” is not good enough– residents need tax RELIEF. They need the tax rate LOWERED to mitigate appraisals. These bonds will increase the amount of money flying out of peoples’ pockets. Not lowering the tax rate when appraisals increase is akin to not loosening the collar around the neck of a growing puppy– the taxpayers can’t breathe. 

Includes unnecessary spending. Residents have had to tighten their belt every year for the last several decades, so much so that the state has been implementing property tax relief bills. This is a bad time to increase the tax burden – esp when people are still recovering from an unprecedented pandemic shutdown, lost their businesses and loved ones, and are trying to get back on their feet while caring for family and friends dealing with long-covid and other medical issues. The city/district needs to REDUCE spending and tighten its belt, too. 

Takes money from your neighbor.  This is not a gofundme where residents choose to invest their own money. This is a vote to “cause to be collected” whatever taxes are needed to pay off the vision of a minority of people in the city. We are called to #LoveThyNeighbor not #LevyThyNeighbor. Do Not Covet your neighbor’s money. Residents are welcome to work privately to raise money and donate it to the city for specific projects. 

Increases costs of goods and services.  Tax hikes affect everyone, but they hit the elderly, disabled, renters, fixed-income folks, and poor the hardest. Businesses can’t afford to absorb the constant tax burden increases, and pass those costs to the consumer.


Some things to keep in mind:

These projects were not “selected by the community”– all bond committees are created by the council/district, members are hand-picked based on how well the city/district know the members will agree for an 80% consensus, the committees are led by staff and city/district contracted vendors, the committees are spoon-fed info that the CITY/DISTRICT wants them to hear, and are steered to a choice of pre-determined conclusions.  

CITY: The $15million in public art seems to be one of the points that will hit hard at the doors, and is scattered all 6 props.

Bond projects come with other long-term problems and unintended consequences: San Antonio Report Article – Westside Creeks, Once A Flood Hazzard, Now Face A New Challenge: Gentrification


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