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This past week Lora Lane and I were appointed to the Bexar County REPUBLICAN Precinct Organization Committee. This committee’s bottom line mission is to turn out more Republican voters in every precinct by supporting the leaders and active Republicans in each precinct. I am Precinct Chair for 2036. This precinct has had a vacancy for the past 12 years or so… our voter turnout for the primary was embarrassing: 359 Democrats149 Republicans


This will not be the case come November… watch.

My leadership style is a 2-way approach:

1. Lead by example – at the end of the day success comes down to taking the right action.

2. Empower team members to showcase their strengths and to do what makes them happy and be accomplished. Speed of the Leader; Speed of the Pack… I cannot expect success if I’m not willing to take the same actions that leads us all to achieving our goals. With all that being said,

I’d like to address every objective of the Precinct Organization Committee set in the by laws:

:::Committee shall be responsible for, but is not limited to:

1. Promoting recruitment and training of Republicans to fill precinct vacancies;👉 I recruited a candidate to run for Precinct 3022 – she’ll be on the May 24 ballot. If you are active (or just able to write an email) and there is a vacancy we will be speaking very soon for you to be a Precinct Chair.

2. Keeping new and seasoned Precinct Chairs updated with opportunities to organize their precincts with volunteers and to inform their neighbors;👉 From the announcement in the newsletter, I have responded to everyone who reached out. You need your voter list to begin your engagement. More to come this week!

3. Assisting precinct leaders in their neighborhoods to identify, register, inform, and turn out the Republican and Republican-leaning voters;👉 Tomorrow morning, Monday, we are meeting to go over data to set our strategic plan.

4. Persuading Precinct Chairs to attend neighborhood association meetings and get their neighbors involved in workshops and town hall meetings;👉 I know some of us can be uncertain or even shy about attending these things. I will go with you! I can work a room for you like Jerry Maguire! And… maybe host a mixer/get2know hour at your home or local pub… I’m always good for a cocktail party!

5. Fostering involvement as Election officials and Poll Watchers to ensure election integrity;👉 Lora has set a very high standard. She is a certified poll watcher, judge and voter registrar. I have clerked for the presiding judge at central count during the primary and currently clerking for Ellen Ott at Lions Field.

6. Promoting biannual training as Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars;👉 Of Course we’ll do this. Lora has the info and we’ll likely do more than 2 during the year.

7. Providing Precinct Chairs with resources to turn out their voters;👉 Lora is lobbying for stamps and emails on this… just ask Gary Teal. Business cards, caps, t-shirts… we must provide a better brand that engages and inspires… can you say “Fundraiser”??

8. Encouraging Precinct Chairs to conduct their Precinct Convention and attend the Senatorial District, State, and National Conventions;👉 I conducted my precinct convention with 1 in attendance – me. I attended SD26 convention and I have been appointed a state delegate. See y’all in Houston!

9. Conducting training on the convention process; and👉 Joy L Anderson is providing an excellent training platform. We will work with her to increase participation. Anything you need Joy just ask!

10. Administering and monitoring private social media groups with exclusive Precinct Chair membership.


Now, if you’ve read this far you are seeing Private Group —> BexarGOP 2036 Precinct

If you are not a resident of 2036 and want to know what is going on in 2036 please join the Public group —> Bexar Republican Precinct 2036Expect a standard of excellence from me and anything I set out to do.

If you’re still reading this it means you are engaged and interested. If you live in Bexar County please reach out, 210.563.8595…


By Brandi Jo

As an American, you have certain rights and freedoms laid out in the Constitution. Now, more than ever, is the time we need to join together to protect those liberties.
My name is Brandi Jo Newman. I am a proud Conservative spreading awareness for the critical issues impacting all U.S. citizens. My passion for individual rights is what pushes me to reach out and make a difference in my community and beyond.
I was raised surrounded by political activism, with county commissioners, school board members, and governor appointed local committees on my family tree. In 2009, I started a monthly publication called The Texan in my small town of Mt. Enterprise, Texas. What began as a way to get to know my neighbors and share my views, became a source of information on important topics for readers.
Today, I want to use my voice to connect with more people to enact change. From economic freedoms to limited government, there are so many reasons each one of us needs to take a stand and become active in the political arena.
If you want to find ways to take part in your own precinct, or would like to learn more about the issues impacting the country as a whole, let’s get together for coffee or lunch and have a heartfelt talk. The Conservative movement is growing and evolving, and it’s time to encourage the energy of ambitious, intelligent electorates to do even more to move truly Conservative candidates into office so real change can take place.

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