Amy Hedtke Uncensored

By Brandi Jo

As an American, you have certain rights and freedoms laid out in the Constitution. Now, more than ever, is the time we need to join together to protect those liberties.
My name is Brandi Jo Newman. I am a proud Conservative spreading awareness for the critical issues impacting all U.S. citizens. My passion for individual rights is what pushes me to reach out and make a difference in my community and beyond.
I was raised surrounded by political activism, with county commissioners, school board members, and governor appointed local committees on my family tree. In 2009, I started a monthly publication called The Texan in my small town of Mt. Enterprise, Texas. What began as a way to get to know my neighbors and share my views, became a source of information on important topics for readers.
Today, I want to use my voice to connect with more people to enact change. From economic freedoms to limited government, there are so many reasons each one of us needs to take a stand and become active in the political arena.
If you want to find ways to take part in your own precinct, or would like to learn more about the issues impacting the country as a whole, let’s get together for coffee or lunch and have a heartfelt talk. The Conservative movement is growing and evolving, and it’s time to encourage the energy of ambitious, intelligent electorates to do even more to move truly Conservative candidates into office so real change can take place.

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